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At we’re driving our brand into new spaces and redefining the possibilities for great digital experiences, continually transforming ourselves and the industry. Just as we helped revolutionise the insurance market, we’re rewriting the rules and raising the bar for customer experience. It’s our talented crew that fuels this ambition, so if you’d like to make your mark in an exciting digital future for, you’re in the right place.

The IT three

Our guiding principles, our philosophy of life or, put simply, the way we get stuff done! Created by the team here, it’s how we approach every day.


The journey is the destination

We work for the love of it. We stay ahead of the game because we’re obsessed with giving our customers what they want and need. It’s about continuously improving. We don’t wait until the end to figure out a better way.


We are prepared to be bold

We believe in sharing, learning and collaborating – and we don’t mind challenging each other. We embrace our differences as individuals, in how our minds work and where we come from. We accept that being bold requires experimentation and sometimes getting it wrong. We’re proud of what we achieve and, whether we get it right or wrong, we always learn.


Less is more

Delivering incredible, inspiring products is a result of working on fewer things. We deliver truly great work from both a steady focus and being empowered to innovate. We know that being the best doesn’t mean trying to do everything all at once.

Our tech

Our teams work with distributed systems, with tech like .Net, node.js, RabbitMQ and docker, which allow us to deliver daily, ensuring we get features to customers fast.

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The benefits

Making life enjoyable in and out of work helps our people be the best they can, and that’s about more than the great salary (although that helps!). Working at comes with a raft of great benefits, from professional training, healthcare and life insurance to a subsidised on-site restaurant and gym, family fun days and monthly prize draws, to name just a few.

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Path 2 awesomeness

Through our Path 2 Awesomeness our Software Engineers have a clear progression plan, supporting development within and outside of their role. We fundamentally believe the best way to learn is to work alongside other people and so time is set aside for coding dojos and brown-bag sessions as well as online learning, in-house courses and externally-run training. 


Clear your diary

We’re a sociable bunch and there’s always something going on, so if you’re a team player, this is the place for you. There’s something for everyone: fab parties, charity events, hackathons, PS4 competitions, football and, of course, the occasional trip to the pub.

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“I love that I can push a change live, have tens of thousands of people using it and say, ‘That’s my work!’. I know the code I publish can make a real difference in a customer’s experience.”

Michael Watson

“Agile is a really big part of how we work – it’s something I get to coach our software teams on and we co-host Agile-Peterborough, a regular meet-up where like-minded people get together.”

Emma Penney
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