Why ctmers are Olympic rowers

James Lomas

Why ctmers are Olympic rowers...

I met double Olympic rowing champion Steve Williams last Summer. My expectation was that I would probably hear something motivational and perhaps even some inspirational soundbites, but that would be about it. After all, what’s a bunch of posh blokes in a boat got to do with building and running software at comparethemarket.com! However, I will readily admit that I was quite mistaken and discovered that the world of rowing provided some striking similarities and a great opportunity to learn and apply different behaviours, rituals and ceremonies. As our meeting ended I was left wondering how our Product Teams could sample some of what I had seen and heard?

Some of our teams and now working with Steve and learning how they can make their team boat go that little bit faster. Look out for comparethemarket.com on the water at #rio2016 wink

Steve Williams meets Meerkats

Steve meets Aleksandr and Sergei at our Shoreditch office.

Ready, set, code!

From the get-go our new recruits are working on code that will have an impact. So much so that we pose the challenge - how quickly can you get code live?

New starter challenge

Current leaders - V8

Rank Team Name Individual Name Code Released In...
Rob Harris
24.5 hours
Marketing IT
Sanjay Purswani
25.5 hours
Murugan Amir
26 hours
Marketing IT
Antonio Redondo
29 hours
Adarsh Ramsesh
3 working days

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